About Holly

My name is Holly Smith and I am an aspiring entrepreneur with a thirst for adventure and an insatiable desire to travel the world.

When I left secondary education I decided to take a gap year and to start planning my first solo backpacking trip. After 6 months of saving and spending on equipment, flights and vaccinations, I left my comfortable little life in England and dove completely out of my comfort zone into beautiful South East Asia. It was a bumpy start and culture shock hit me very fast but I had the most amazing trip and well and truly caught the travel bug. I now study at Keele University and travel when I  get the opportunity.

This blog comprises of posts about my travels on a student budget as well as sharing personal experiences and thoughts from myself, as I figure out how to adult and attempt to experience all the world has to offer!

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One thought on “About Holly

  1. Have fun, stay safe n live your dream!!!
    Enjoy your travels and soak up all the local atmosphere this is your dream and I am so very proud of you love you to the moon and back xxxx

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