If you didn’t stay at The Pingviman did you really flashpack though?

Hello frands!

This week I will be taking some time to talk about the beauty that is The Pingviman HotelBefore I went to Thailand, we had been looking at hotels to stay for a fancy night in my absolute favourite city aka Chiang Mai, and stumbled across this gem. At the time I thought “yeah it looks alright, bit pricey, but nice to have a pool”… You know, priorities… Well, when we arrived at the hotel in Chiang Mai, I don’t think either of us had any idea of how stunning this place would be. “Maybe it’s because we had been “slumming it” in hostels like regular backpackers prior to staying” you might be thinking. But no, I am not exaggerating when I say we were absolutely stunned by how serendipitous and beautiful this place was.

Upon arrival, in our casual backpacker attire (me in my Adidas sliders- I know right, such formal, very backpack), the reception greeted us with two champagne flutes of some kind of heavenly liquid, and took our bags to a safe area, while we were led to the poolside to relax and unwind until our room was ready for check-in. I realise that this blog is intended to illustrate how affordable backpacking can be without having to go all out ‘dossing’ it, but sometimes it’s nice to put a little extra away for a night like this! Besides, the actual cost of this hotel and all of its perks is very affordable compared to other places I have stayed. Fair enough, different locations cost different amounts, but in my opinion, it’s all about being smart with your bookings and getting the most bang for your buck as a student!

For example:

Here’s a picture of the room we paid £163p/n for in New York because we felt pressed for time and were struggling to find a room that felt like it was living up to the price we were paying. As students, we want to feel like our spending can be justified (in most cases), in the end, we booked a place at random because I was so undecided. This is it.
…and here’s a picture of the room I stayed in at The Pingviman for just under £80.(shout out to the internet for these pics, since we lost the GoPro!)
as you can see, the bathroom in our £80 room was almost as big as our entire room in the hotel costing us over double per night in NYC!


The view into the room from our jacuzzi tub *swoons* (salvaged from one of the SD cards before #GoProGate #blessed)

The reason we could justify spending £40 each on this room for the night was not only because of the quality of the room but also because the entire hotel was of an equal standard. It felt so strange that this tranquil, quiet hotel was nestled in the bustling Old City. The staff were excellent and extremely attentive, the room includes a breakfast buffet consisting of Western-style treats like french toast, pancakes, bacon, and eggs however you like. As well as this, there was a selection of Asian dishes and the delicious Chiang Mai sausage! There was also free hot and cold drinks and a vast selection of fresh fruit, cereal and yoghurt. Further to this, the food on the evening menu was absolutely gorgeous, and fantastic value for money. We ordered the chicken moneybags, khao soi gai, massaman, two drinks and a portion of chips (just because), costing us around 600baht (about £15) altogether. We also tipped 200baht because we felt the value was too good to be true.

The hotel also has its own gym, sauna and pool (with free clean towels) and cocktails are 2 for 1 at certain times of the day. So, considering all of this I really do not regret breaking our shoestring budget and staying here, in the grand scheme of how much money I have wasted as a student, £40 for my half of this gorgeous place was completely justifiable. We loved the hotel so much that we came back before leaving Chiang Mai, and I’m planning another getaway for sometime in the near future so that I can spend an extended period in this beautiful hotel in my favourite city!

I hope you have a blessed week and enjoy a few more pictures of our short stay at The Pingviman!

Namaste x


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